There’s Still Time! Red Dress Red Tie Social

Pueblo Action Alliance announces the “Red Dress, Red Tie” Social Fundraiser on Sunday, February 16th, 2020, 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. at Flamenco Works, Inc. This is a formal event which includes a live DJ, a special Indigenous-based dinner, and guest speaker by Alicia Ortega (Santa Clara/ Pojoaque Pueblo) of Native Women Lead. This event is to support a future collaborative project through Tribal Entities Connect called Indigenous Women Rize in partnership with Pueblo Action Alliance, and including other local partnerships in the southwest. This is also a special night to celebrate your loved ones around you and community. 

Indigenous Women Rize will take place this Spring which will center empowerment for young indigenous women. The Indigenous Women Rize project is a four-day workshop series created for Indigenous women from ages 17 years old and up; as this is an important time when we begin exploring the respect we have for ourselves, our relationships with our families/kinship (siblings, cousins, and peers), and our romantic relations as they transition from high school and into higher education, or into the workforce. By carrying out the practices given in this workshop, we seek to create and develop community-based planning actions and practices that empower women to protect themselves and their sisters, through learning the importance of their lives. 

With your ticket purchase for the social fundraiser you will support our partnership to bring this project to fruition. Ticket prices and options are:



$225.00/Group of 4 

Tickets may be purchased through link below:

If you are unable to attend donations are also accepted in the ticket link. During this event we also have a silent auction, if you or your organization would like to contribute an item please email Reyes Devore at

Thank you for your continued support, and we hope to see you there!

Sara Twiss

Agai Diccutta Numu | Northern Paiute

Director of Community Planning 

Tribal Entities Connect

Julia Bernal

Sandia Pueblo/Yuchi – Creek Nation

Environmental Justice Director 

Pueblo Action Alliance

Reyes DeVore 

Jemez Pueblo 

Community Programming Director 

Pueblo Action Alliance

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