Meet Our Youth Interns!

Trenton Devore and Jaelynn Littlebear tabling at the roundhouse for American Indian Day.

As an organization who is dedicated to intergenerational education, we understand that youth must have a seat at the table when it comes to protecting lifeways. Pueblo Action Alliance is invested in building leaders who will gain knowledge and obtain the necessary tools to become emerging leaders within their communities. They offer teaching and experiences that must be fostered to ensure they become aware of the power and strength they each hold within themselves. We want to spark that for them. We are excited to share that we have two youth interns building and growing with us, Trenton DeVore and Jaelynn Littlebear. Both interns will be completing a full year internship with us. Within the past few months, they have attended various workshops, rallies, and other community events with PAA. We are eager to watch them step into being advocates for justice, liberation and cultural sustainability for Pueblo people and all indigenous peoples across Turtle Island. We are honored to have them both with us; there is more to come. Stay tuned!

Trenton DeVore is a charismatic 19 year old rebel from the Pueblo of Walatowa. He is currently seeking a BA in Indigenous Liberal Arts for Tribal Law. As an MC, creator and liberator, Trenton believes that building relationships with love is the spark of creation while removing the preprogrammed ideals of self. He recognizes he is an Indigenous male who is seeking growth through self education to develop a philosophical stance to better help our environment physically, mentally, and emotionally. He hopes to continue to uplift others on his journey. 

Jaelynn Littlebear is from Santa Ana Pueblo and a descendant from Ohkay Owingeh, Picuris Pueblos, Muskogee Creek, Euchee, Cree and Shawnee nations of Oklahoma. From an early age she was taught to value the Pueblo way of life. She gives thanks to her family who has shown her how to gain traditional knowledge from her Pueblo community and carry that strength wherever she goes. Through this internship she hopes to gain new tools to take back to her indigenous communities to build with them. 

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