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Introducing our Workshop Series: Cultivating Indigenous Resistance 

Pueblo Action Alliance is now offering five tailored workshops that are meant to help our Pueblo communities, indigenous relatives and non-indigenous allies to better strengthen our resiliency. A Cultivating Indigenous Resistance Training, A Pueblo-Centric Organizing Workshop, A How to be a Good Ally Workshop, A Fracking 101 Training, and An Expressive Arts Writing Workshop.

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Cultivating Indigenous Resistance: This is an indigenized Non-Violent Direct Action Training that address Cycles of oppression, and relate the connection of Historical Trauma and Indigenous Resistance. This workshop is a walk through of an Indigenous Historical Timeline and a “Know Your Rights” role play. Through this workshop we will allow time for reflection and provide next steps to continue the work with us.

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Pueblo-centric Organizing: This workshop is about our Principles of Action frame work and how each principle is broken down, and how each principle translates to everyday experiences through:

Direct Action : By practicing prayer and traditional ways of life we perpetuate preservation of indigenous and traditional integrity. Through this form of action, we are resisting environmental and social injustices inflicted on indigenous people and the land they tend to.

Civic Action : The participation of indigenous peoples and allies to identify the concerns and impacts that directly affect our lands. Through civic action we unify to implement change through policy and practice.

Ceremonial Action : Utilizing public forms of peaceful demonstrations/protests to achieve the mission of PAA

Overall, this workshop provides toolkits for participants to incorporate their own cultural perspectives into their own organizing spaces. Simply put, we bring folks into our worlds and give the opportunity to see and view the work through Pueblo Eyes and as always allow time for reflection and questions.

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How to be a Good Ally 101: Pueblo Action Alliance has seen the need for a workshop to identify, respect, and follow certain protocols in certain spaces when it comes to organizing. Here participants are encouraged to open up dialogue and ask questions as to how does one even begin to approach wanting to help an Indigenous led space.

Workshop components consist of diving into the Principles of Accountability, as well as discussing and defining the Jemez Principles of Organizing. We explore how those accountability models fit into different Indigenous Nations and their specific communities.

Ultimately, the workshop is designed in basic, “Know your Role” mentality which is and should always be at the forefront. It’s a baseline bridge that will help any ally truly live up to the name “ally” and engage with Indigenous folks.

Fracking 101

Fracking 101: This workshop is designed to provide an understanding on the history of Oil and Gas in New Mexico. Participants will be taken through a timeline of extractive industry, learn the ways in which the industry “fracks”; where they frack and why they frack. Participants will also be given resources to stay engaged with on going crusades by the oil and gas industry and how it affects the Greater Chaco Region and beyond.

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An Expressive Arts Writing Workshop: This workshop is designed to teach Hip Hop Philosophy and Spiritualism and how it correlates to a Pueblo Way of Life; Drawing the connection between Hip Hop Elements and Spiritual Law, offer tools and breakdown writing techniques in all aspects of Poetry, Spoken Word, and Hip Hop Lyrics, as well as provide tools for healing while emphasizing Voice. Reclaiming that voice through healthy expression, and always allow space for dialogue to place. 



Chaco Canyon Community Forums : Protecting our Cultural Landscapes.

Forums are designed to bring awareness to Fracking in the Greater Chaco Region. The premise of having a Community Forum is to create space  and allow healthy dialogue where personal stories can be shared and questions, concerns can be discussed, and power is built from gaining awareness, to learning ways to get involved, as well as what social media pages to follow for updates. Pueblo Action Alliance has successfully hosted two Community Forums with La Plazita Institute in the South Valley of Albuquerque NM,  and the Stoic Culture Shop in San Ysidro, NM.

Location for the next Forum is February 19th at the Southwest Organizing Project Office on 211 10th St SW, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87102 from 6-8pm, in the Food Justice Building.

There will be time to sign letters of protest during the lunch hour on Feb 19th in the Food Justice Building as well as the Info Session from 6-8pm on the same day in the same building.

If you can’t make it to the info session or letter signing, please click the link below to fill out a Protest letter.

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