Letter Signons and Info Session:

Even with immense public outcry and tribal opposition, the BLM is still ready to sell more land parcels for oil and gas extraction! Even with the government shutdown, the BLM was still working to make sure that the proposed land parcels were posted for the 2019 March Land Lease Sale. We are currently in a formal protest period that started on February 11, ending on February 20th. Formal protest letters will only be received and accepted by hard copy by mail or hand-delivery to the state office. We want to make sure our people have their voices heard and will be collecting protest letters to be hand delivered on the 20th. Pueblo Action Alliance is hosting a protest letter signing lunch hour 11am to 2pm at the Southwest Organizing Project - Food Justice Building. Later in the evening we are having an informal info session for current updates on the protection of Greater Chaco from 6pm to 8pm at the Southwest Organizing Project. This session is meant to give out more updates and information about the current land parcel auctions for March 2019. Please come and join PAA in helping to protect the Greater Chaco landscape and sever our dependence from oil and gas.
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