Protect Greater Chaco and Greater Carlsbad - Strike/Sit-in Protest of March 2019 Lease Sale

We delivered over 33,000 protests to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) opposing the March 28th online auction of more public and ancestral tribal lands in New Mexico. Yet, BLM still plans to move forward selling over 11,000 acres of land in Greater Chaco and Greater Carlsbad for industrialized fracking despite overwhelming opposition. By going forward with this lease sale, the BLM is failing in its obligation to fulfill the agency’s multiple-use mandate. Over 93% of lands managed by the BLM in the Greater Chaco region in the San Juan Basin are already leased for oil and gas, and the Greater Carlsbad region in the Permian Basin is part of the nation’s largest oil field and already experiencing the negative impacts of industrialized oil and gas extraction. Join us on March 28th for an all-day sit in at the BLM State headquarters in Santa Fe as we condemn the unacceptable and climate-disrupting activities the BLM is allowing as they move forward with this sale. Inspired by the 1.4 million who marched March 15 for climate justice, we’ll stand strong holding signs on the day of the sale with messages pushing for stronger protections for the community health and safety, clean air and water, climate action, environmental justice, and protecting our cultural resources. Come and voice your concerns and help us amplify our calls for #NoNewLeases and to demand a more just and equitable future. Bring: signs & banners (but we’ll also have some you can add your personal message to) blankets, chairs and whatever else you need to be comfortable (though we’ll provide some of these as well) food & snacks (we’re have light refreshments on hand) Note: We are requesting shift leaders to support 1 hr sit-in shifts. Please PM Frack Off Greater Chaco to volunteer and coordinate.
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